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Cyrene Journal part 5
Cyrene has had an interesting time this month. As she is use too the normal obstacle course but this time she found a beige armor in her room. Cyrene was not the only one as she saw all her classmates with them. The class was taken deep into jungle further then we had been so far here. There we had several trials to go through too which Cyrene was able to do so but not without trouble and a bit of fear. Cyrene fared better then half the class as they fell into the river but with no serious injury as she could see.

Cyrene now while she was looking down at her classmates on the river bank. She remembers a little exercise she and her classmates had a week back or so. They tired to hide from there Instructor though they failed but Katarn words of if you cannot physically do it try looking to the force. Cyrene then notice the grandmaster was also out here and called her first out of her classmates.

Cyrene did not know where they were going but she ended up on one of the temple. There she saw bunch of large rocks and such, the grandmaster ordered her to do a handstand and reach out with the force. Cyrene did as she was ordered without issue, then was ordered to use one hand and to reach out with the force to move a few larger rocks which she did as she could draw on more the force then normal, but she let a fierce groan as she used the light side which now tired her from its use. Cyrene then was order too move a larger pillar, but it was too much for her, but she did manage to move it a bit.

Cyrene remembers the grand master looking at her sternly but saying in time you will get. Cyrene take away from this is she getting better at this and to take pride in what she can do which kept her from being disappointed. Cyrene then when back to her classmates as they each did the same activity as she did with a myriad of results.

The class was then taken back to the temple where we went to the lab to make for are selves lightsaber hilts. Cyrene at first was thinking of all the designs she had read about and designed to make a different one then the standard. Cyrene originally wanted to make a double-bladed hilt but after a day of no success gave up on that idea. Cyrene then decided on a lightsaber pike hilt as it was something different it took her some time, but she was finally able to make one.

The class then could go off make are self’s some armor that we could personalize to a degree. Cyrene ended up going off into the area to find material to make herself some armor. Cyrene was successful and ended making armor that was a mixture a dark green colored robe with a padded chest and shoulder plates though it was not the strongest armor she could have made it was a mixture of form and function. Cyrene then notice her other classmates armor they each were different in one form or another. Though at first, she wondered were Sam was then heard plates move and saw her full Jedi battle armor.

The class then made training emitters for a lightsaber. Which Cyrene was happy that it was not hard. The class was then escorted to the landing pad where there were several training droids. Cyrene had seen this before as she had some practice with these training drones. The practice was not too hard, but Elam manage to redirect a blaster shot into Sam on accident. Then came the saber too saber practice which was not lethal but did manage to disarm Elam once in the sparing match which was nice as he was one the better lightsaber wielders in the class. Cyrene pride was a bit hurt in the fight that proceeded as Vrar easily disarmed her.

After the match the grandmaster and Kyle came out and called for us all to gather. Then when over the process to make synthetic lightsaber crystal as actual crystal were very hard to find in the galaxy current state. So, the class when to the lab to make are crystal and thankfully Elam found the instructions so that saved some pain for Cyrene anyway. Cyrene then remembered that the final thing was to use the force to make her lightsaber.

Cyrene closed her eyes and reached out with the force to carefully assemble her lightsaber. Cyrene felt the light side respond to her call which was calming but with her current nature was tiring for her to use. Cyrene then saw before herself a fully complete lightsaber pike and she activated the blade and a dark green color of plasma erupted from the blade with a snap hiss noise. Cyrene was happy of the color that her blade shown and it kind of matched her new armor.

Cyrene was then looking over all that she had made in these past few weeks. It did not seem like much time had passed but it had but now, Cyrene felt like she was becoming something different as her armor and weapon both made by her own hands. Cyrene felt a sense of accomplishment and pride with her works as she inspected her lightsaber with the hand holds she made with some spare leather she found and has used them as well to attach her padded armor to the robe she made.

Cyrene then was called to gather with her classmates all with their unique lightsabers. The grandmaster and Kyle told them that they had a mission to go. The class would be going to Naboo to gather some relics for the temple. Cyrene was then surprised that they would not have anybody else with them save a droid to pilot the craft and that Booh was in charge as this was her home world.

Cyrene was a bit nervous about leaving Yavin but with her classmates she did not show it. Though Cyrene was eager too see if she could find any other Twi’lek on the mission as it had been awhile since she talked with another of her kind. Cyrene hoped that this would be a positive experience and not like the situation with Dal.

Cyrene Journal part 4

Cyrene had an interesting time on her adventure with her classmates to find Dal. The chase lead to a warehouse on Bilbringi and it was an interesting fight through that fun house. They found Dal and brought him back to the temple after a fight in the warehouse of course. Cyrene got luck she was not injured but Elam certainly got a bit shot up.

Cyrene ended up tying Dal with a few homemade binders after his eyes were burned out with Katarn lightsaber. As Cyrene was tying up Dal he spoke to her and said I sense the darkness inside you go to Dathomir. This was strange for Cyrene to hear as she had never heard of the place. Cyrene had also taken Dal lightsaber in the fight and was examining it as it was different then the Lightsaber that the class was given upon landing on this world.

Cyrene was impressed with the lightsaber as it seemed so light yet could do so much damage and it weighed as much the practice saber that she had used on the temple ground and the shuttle. Though she had to give back both blades one for when the cavalry arrived after the fight with Dal and they cleaned the area of all evidence. The other was put back in the shuttle when they left the world.

When Cyrene landed on the Yavin she felt a bit strange as this place was becoming like home to her. Cyrene also had a sense of community with her fellow classmates and the others here and felt a bit of peace here to calm her. Though this could not undo the horrible things in her life it was a start in a right direction for her.

Cyrene thought again on the words of Dal but she was unsure what they meant she had told Katarn and the other Jedi who had appeared after the fight that. Cyrene then began to wonder to around till she found the droid she was assigned to as she had stated she could not read or write. It was at first hard for Cyrene as she had always done physical things and this was more of a mental thing but she started to get the hold of it.

Cyrene did learn how to read and write from the droid and as her able to do so grew better she finally began to read the materials that her instructors had given her. Though it took her far longer than her classmate as she would have trouble and ask the droid for help with the bigger words. Once Cyrene felt comfortable enough she would read in her room, though she respected the droid for helping her this was more of confidence booster for her to read alone without its help.

Cyrene also during the time in which she was not being taught by the droid would be doing her daily routine around the temple. Cyrene also noticed that Kyp wanted to work with her which she was fine with as she would go to him to help vent when she was angry. Cyrene also began to work on a bit of lightsaber training nothing lethal but she had seen that even with a lightsaber ignited that you still can be injured because Elam getting shot up by the droids they faced proved that point well.

So, Cyrene began to work on a way to deflect blaster bolts though it was not easy as training drone did move around a lot so it took patience and concentration to block it shots. Though the droid shots did not really hurt it could get tiring after a while in a session with this thing. Cyrene also worked on Parrying with Kyp once again non-lethal but this had more of a sting then the training drone did with its little blaster. Cyrene would often thank for Kyp with the training even if she felt she was a bit trying but Kyp did not seem to mind it.

Cyrene also decide to work on how she would comprehend things though she had tried her hardest not to try the drug on Ord mantel she was forced to anyway. So, she began to work on this so that if somebody else wished to trick her again it would be very hard as she would be able to know what they were trying to do and use her discipline not to fall for it. Cyrene also noticed that while she would be doing her normal routine and she chose to use the force to help her she would take a bit of strain if she used the light side.

Though Cyrene was use to taking a bit of strain if she used the dark side that no longer seemed to be the case. Cyrene figured this was what Dal meant but she still felt the same so the meaning it was lost to her. Though she figured somebody would fill her in with the other problems of being dark side user. Cyrene figured this must have been what made her feel uneasy when they were so close to Dal though once again Cyrene felt fine.

Downtime Activities 2
Elam Wren

Any spare time that Elam has had since leaving Yavin 4 up until departing Weyland has been spent in meditation or reading the datapad he brought with him.

After his public show of affection for Sam until the group lands on Bilbringi, Elam would spend time talking with Sam if she seemed agreeable to it. Mostly trying to find out more personal details about her.

Once the mission to Bilbringi is over and the trip back to Yavin 4 begins. Elam would again split his time between meditation, spending time with Sam, and reading the datapad he brought.

Cyrene Journal part 3

Cyrene has had an interesting adventure close to a month-long time has been strange for her. Cyrene in a short amount of time has found something else to hate it is a small little cube but it has caused her nothing but grief since she has been exposed to it. Cyrene has had to relive one of her most painful memories twice because of it so she has tried to harden her mind to lessen the effect on her mind.

Cyrene has also been experiment with her abilities to help her in the real world. Though she really is tempted to see if she can physically crush that damn cube now that she has found a way to augment her physical strength with the force. Cyrene also in hide sight of missing rather important or large object has worked on her perception to better notice things hopefully.

Cyrene also has tried toughening up her body as she knows there in for some type of fight at the shipyard. Cyrene does know one thing for sure if she survives the shipyard she is done with damn cube whether that be she tries to lock herself away or just flat out tries to break the damn thing. Cyrene now feels a bit strange as she can tell something is off but not what, she thinks it might be because they are near Dal or about to get into a fight she cannot say.

Cyrene journal part 2

When Cyrene head too bed after her evening meal she was still excited after the day she had. Cyrene felt happy that she could vent her anger in a meaningful way and that it also was fun. She also enjoys the sparing session she had with Dasvee and was happy it did not end as bad as her other classmate when they sparred Elam in the ring.

Cyrene over the week to come had a mixture of good days and bad days. Cyrene though she still was in the mindset of doing whatever she was told. She would attempt to work on her force abilities during her free time when the instructors remind her this was her time in which she could do other things. Cyrene during these times attempted to tap in the force to see if she could augment herself.

Though this was the ability that she had discovered when she was young she had never really experimented with it. it was not easy for her since she did not have an idea what she was doing exactly with it. Cyrene then decide she wanted to use the ability to help when she used her fist in combat as she had felt joy and a sense of peace in the sparring match with Kyp Durron.

It took Cyrene several days of trial and error to achieve the goal she set for herself. As she worked on this ability even during bed time to the annoyance of her roommate. Partly the reason she was so focused on doing this was that the instructor would leave reading material for the students. Cyrene though she would do any task she was told to do as part of her conditioning the one she thing she really could not do was read or write really.

Cyrene ended up having a few sparring sessions during the week with Kyp. Though she did not tell him why she needed to vent it was the only way she knew to constructive deal with her anger for the moment and put it to use. Cyrene used these sessions to work on her hand to hand since she enjoys using her fists in the sparring matches she had with Kyp.

Downtime Activities 1
Elam Wren

For the first two days, Elam has spent most of his downtime digesting all of the written material provided by the teachers at the Praxeum. Once he finishes with that he will be moving onto things he would be allowed to check out from the archives.

Also keeping up with his fitness routine, including doing martial arts and Form I katas in a semi-private area.

Cyrene journal part 1

For Cyrene, this was another change to her life but a positive one she hoped. When she boarded the transport at the star port she was not the only one and noticed there was a Human Named Elam Wren , a Gungan named Booh , a Zeltron named Sam and a Zabrak name Vrar and a Togruta Named Dasvee. At first Cyrene really did not talk until the Zeltron name of Sam asked what their abilities where and she saw the human after a while of trying made a small object float. Cyrene then introduced herself and used her ability to run around the inside of transport at speed.
Cyrene then heard from the Dasvee seating in one of the seats that she should not have done that. Cyrene did not know how to take that but then decide to go talk to the pilot she asked the droid in the front of the Cabin if she could see the pilot. The droid said that she could and what did she want to do she answer to run around the droid said no.
The transport ended up jumping to new system and as they approached this planet of green the droid began to tell the passengers about the planet below. For Cyrene this was as boring as listening to paint drying and it took all her willpower to learn and retain what it was saying. Once the droid was done speaking the transport landed on this giant Pyramid it stuck out amongst the jungle.
The place was truly massive as we walked out of transport and on the landing deck of this place Booh and one of the other students ended up running out of the transport. It was there in the middle of the landing area was the grand master Luke Skywalker as we were told. He welcomed and the class and such he made a impression with everybody. When he was done speaking Cyrene asked a question that got everybody attention, she asked if they messed would they discipline with Neuro whips which caused a shock look from quite a few people. the grand master said no and if she need to talk with someone about in private.
They were also other students there that took are bags and such too are rooms if we wanted too. Cyrene then asked the question if these where real bed too another gasp from the students and was told yes. The class then when on a tour on the massive structure which took a few hours, Cyrene had not been in such a large single building before and it was something interesting seeing all the different levels and rooms. She also notices while on tour another alien and had a kid moment much to the annoyance of the other student. When she was in her group of students she asked if she had done something wrong on the transport since Dasvee had told she should not have done that.
When the tour was done she was in the great hall with all the students when of the other students came in and introduced himself. She did not catch his name but explained that she had tapped into the dark side when she used her ability and that it was not necessary a bad thing but she need to only use it when she had no choice she nodded kind of understanding. She then noticed all the food that they had here it was truly amazing form the rations she was used to. She ended besides eating her full looking around to see the other students see her fellows from the transport but there were no other of her Species.
When they were told it was bed time she when to her room. Cyrene was not used to being in a room with a real bed or just another person here. She was more use to sleeping outside in the cold or in a very cramp run with ten other people. As much as Cyrene wanted to sleep she could not old habit die hard and she was just waiting for a call in the middle of the to do something.
When she awoke next morning, she wandered outside to the obstacle course and saw the Human Elam wren out there already as well as instructor and grand master. Cyrene then Filed in behind Elam near the starting line as more students began to show up. Cyrene Noticed Dasvee out the group and she look surprised that she was not the first one here. When everybody showed the instructed told the class that they could start the course. When Cyrene heard this took off like a shot tapping into the force but once again she only felt the dark side answer her call and she used it. She notices the first challenge was a steep incline but she was easily able to do as was Elam and Booh. Cyrene noticed that Dasvee was having trouble and she ran back to help even though Dasvee really did not want Cyrene help.
The obstacle course was a challenge but for Cyrene with using her ability could do it. She was the first to complete it but was the second but the whole time every time she called to the force for help the dark side was the only thing that came to her and she used it. During the course both booh and the rest of the class save Elam did not seem to get through the course. When Cyrene was at the finish line one of the other classmates put his hand on her should. Cyrene first responded with I am going to be punished for using the dark side. The student said no but they would help her to work on this.
The next task that they gave them was to meditate which to Cyrene seemed strange. Unlike the rest of her classmate she could not quiet her mind to meditate. The instructor said it was fine and she would get it in time. Then it was meal time and Cyrene just wolfed down her food before asking what was she supposed to do but they said it was free time. Cyrene really did not understand the meaning of that so just milled around for a while but unsure what to do.
The next task the class did was to pair up with the older students and the older students had pict screens with them. They were told to use the force to be able to tell what was picture that the student had hidden from sight. Cyrene had trouble with this as she was trying to read the surface thoughts of the older student in front of her. In the practice, she got 3 out of 5 objects but once again she tapped into the dark side but also the light side which was different.
Cyrene at the time then when she came back from her group noticed Dashvee and asked her how she did and she said she got it all right. Cyrene responded with 3 out of 5 but at lease she was not hit for it. Dasvee said didn’t they say they don’t do that here Cyrene was not really listening. After this event, they when to the night meal and when that was through they when to bed.
This time Cyrene could sleep which was good for tomorrow. When Cyrene woke up see she went to the obstacle course Elam was there before her. As the rest of the class arrived they gathered near the starting line. When the instructor told them to begin Cyrene took off like a shot and started running the course at good speed. This time she felt both the light and the dark and was first one done this time. This time she was also able to meditate which was good from the other day.
When they broke for meal this time she once again wolfed down her food. However, during meal time heard a squabble between one of the more advanced students and a couple of the masters and Cyrene and Elam wonder over to that direction. The master did not seem too happy about us coming closer and listening too there conservation. Once again Cyrene condition did not do her any favors as she asked if they want her to fight storm troopers. The master said no and she just walked back to her table.
After the meal, she once again just milled around unsure what to do with her “Free Time.” As we walked over to the training areas we say an area with a bunch of rocks but where also near the duel rings and we heard a few of the more advance student sparing so we head over to the ring. There we saw these advance students going at it and Elam named of the fighting style they were doing. This seem to draw the rest of the attention of the group and somehow, he ended up in the ring with a more advanced student.
Elam managed to hold his own and beta the other students this got most of the crowd in the ring excited. However, it drew the attention of the student from morning meal. Now Elam was in a duel with Dal Konur another advanced student. The fight at this point had many people chanting and excited from the spectacle. Though as the fight dragged on Cyrene figure she would be called up next though she really did not want to. The fight though drew out the worst as Elam nearly hit the student with a blow normally reserved for battle but stopped just short from delivering it. This met the ire of the master. Dal on the other snapped and with the force threw Elam against the wall in a fit of rage. Cyrene responded by jumping into the ring and punching Dal in the stomach. Dal realized what he just did and took off in a burst of speed out of the area.
Cyrene and the rest of the students jumped in the ring to make sure he was alright. When Elam came too, Cyrene asked him if he still alive he respond to it. He was taken to get some medical treatment from inside the temple. When Cyrene was sure Elam was fine she joined in the search for Kal. Cyrene did not have much success and instead was attack but an angler, it managed to snag her for a bit and do some damage before she remembers from the brief they only go after things close to the water and was able to run away from it. she did not give trying to find him but even with her will could not find him but one of the other students found her and patched her up.
Cyrene was not exactly happy on how it turned out but she when back to the temple. There at evening meal the mood had change with the student not being found and it was a somber event. Cyrene proclaimed when they found Kal she was going to punch him which got a few of the student annoyed with her outburst.
The student that when by the name of Kyp Durron told her that she needed to release her anger as it was not going to help. She said that be better to just sit on the anger at hand but Kyp said no if you keep storing your anger you will eventually go and it will not be good. After the meal Kyp worked with Cyrene to help her release her anger and frustration. Kyp could not believe for as young she was the amount of swore words she knew but was able to mostly defuse that anger.
Afterwards Cyrene when to bed and awake the next morning to her morning routine. The temple still had that somber feeling to it as nobody had been able to find Kal. Cyrene was still annoyed she had tried to find him and had only been rewarded by being attack by the local creatures. As she did the obstacle course she still had this tad bit of anger left and drew on both light and dark side again but finished the course. She could meditate but that anger was still there.
This time they also when to ring where they had been before but instead when to where the stone where piled and told to use to force to pick these small rocks. The first time Cyrene tired still with that little spark of anger she called to the rock and it came to her but in the way, she wanted and instead it cut her a bit. Cyrene heard a few of the students crack a laugh and it took all her willpower to not go over there. This time she focused herself on the rock and managed to not only move one but several rocks and stack them.
This time for the meal she still wolfed down her food but this time when looking for Kyp. When she found him, she said she still had some anger and could not get rid of it Kyp, had an idea. Kyp and Cyrene when down to the sparing ring were Kyp, told Cyrene to fight and not hold anything back and use the force in the fight. Cyrene at first felt joy from the fight as way to expanded her anger and frustration. At the end of their sparing match Cyrene felt at peace and the anger was gone. Kyp told her if she ever need help again just ask, she thanked him.
This time they when into the training arena and their staffs from which we could pick to train with. Cyrene noticed Elam got a very specific one where she just grabbed one of the wrack. master Katarn pared up the class with each other in what would be a fair fight. This was practice of simple lightsaber combat to get the class use to swing and parrying. Cyrene was paried against Dasvee, Elam against Vrar, and Booh against Sam. Cyrene and Dasvee could spare perfectly together with the staffs same could not be said for Elam. Elam was too good and knocked out Vrar on accident. Mater Katarn then told Elam to switch partners and got Sam instead. He also bested her and smacked her in the face she when down once again not like he was trying to hurt his classmates. Then Booh when up against him and he knocked her out.
Master Katarn told the class they could stop and that he had underestimated Elam. For Cyrene, it was fun time she had with Dasvee. Master Katarn said that next time he would get a more advanced student to spare with Elam since it was his bad on the parring’s.


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