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A Disturbing Dream
A Shared Force Vision

The students are en route to meet Grandmaster Skywalker to aide negotiations for the New Republic with the Muunilist Banking Clan. Their last week of sleep has been plagued by unrest. The last night before arriving outside of the Mygeeto system is the most disturbing of all.

The group seems to have a similarly dark and foreboding dream where the face of an unknown Humanoid is twisted and contorted in pain with a blur of glowing plasma, durasteel walls, and heavy machinery in the background.

Cyrene journal part 10

Well the adventure to Iluim was more action packed then Cyrene was looking forward too. The ship that she and the student had called home for the past few months was shot out of the sky and had crashed to the frozen surface. Cyrene and friends were able to leave the burning wreck and managed to find a cave to hide in. Cyrene however ended up getting herself injured as she could hear the cries of people outside the cave being torn to pieces, so she starts to venture out of the cave to see what was doing this. Cyrene ended finding a large creature as it enters the cave and she got clawed for her trouble.

Cyrene was hurt by the creature and after that close encounter she was not keen to be in a fight after that she was treated by her comrades and mainly stay backed. Cyrene was beginning to realize she really did not have a place as she did not have her saber and the rifle could not fill that void. Cyrene thought to herself that she must be careful here as this place was crawling with remnant, but she also did not want to kill anyone either. As the group found where the signal for the other Jedi was coming from Cyrene without her saber took point as look out and noticed a group of heavily armed storm troopers.

Cyrene hoped that maybe this fight could be talk out, but no Elam started the fight and without her saber Cyrene ran away as her rifle was not good in this fight. Cyrene ended up just climbing up the nearby com tower as there was nothing else for her too do. Cyrene ended up wandering towards the nearby landing pad and looking around and she spied a transport, Cyrene felt that this could help the group and when over to it and got inside unfortunately a patrol of ties noticed her and they started strafing the pad. While this was going she heard from the group that they had found the Jedi and a few others as well.

Cyrene felt uneasy as the tie keep coming back and hit the pad and the com tower, so she ended getting the gun system on the transport, but she hoped she could scare them off and managed to damage several ties but nope. Cyrene ended getting grief from the other as Elam notice she was not destroying the flying ties. There was a bit of argument on the coms from others about what she was doing, Cyrene was stern on not wanting to kill any of these fighter till she did as it was bound to happen.

Cyrene felt disgusted at doing that and ended walking off the transport and a nearby star destroyer came into low orbit to bring its guns to bear. Cyrene ended running back to where the group was as she knew what was going to happen and figured that she must help get the folks out. Cyrene seemed to be unbothered as she picked up the folks from the boxes and hauled them off. This ended being a life or death run from the death from above, if Cyrene had any emotions on this she did not show them more then need to help these folks was present than anything else.

Once, Cyrene was aboard the shuttle that picked them up she was able to breath and think normal as this was not as bad as the run from earlier. Once the group was brought aboard the republic cruiser and there was a sense of normalcy, Cyrene began to think on what she had done, and she felt a mix of things as she lived through the encounter but felt bad about the tie she destroyed. Cyrene felt that the others would not understand as she did not feel comfortable about explaining why she did not have her saber and the mere thought of K’kruhk made her feel her anger pick up at the thought of him.

Cyrene ended just burying her anger as this was not the time for it. The cruiser that she was now in had lost a wing of fighters protecting them as they left the planet. On top of it seemed the order was not doing to well and that her and group and the grandmaster seemed to be the only ones of the order active right now considering all that was going on

Negotiation Briefing
Negotiations on Mygeeto
Region Outer Rim Territories
Sector Albarrio sector
System Mygeeto system
Rotation Period 12 standard hours
Orbital Period 167 standard days
Class Frozen
Atmosphere Type I
Climate Frigid
Gravity Standard
Government Corporate
Major Imports Foodstuffs, Technology
Major Exports Crystals
Affiliations InterGalactic Banking Clan

The Mygeeto system was located in the Outer Rim Territories. The planet of Mygeeto drew the InterGalactic Banking Clan because of its industrial areas, and opportunities for them to maintain their own industrial plants.

The emissary from the Muunilist Banking Clan that is being sent for negotiations is a diplomat named Chon Leas. You will arrive onboard the Naritus and will rendezvous with the Quasar Fire-class bulk cruiser, Battle Dog.

Both vessels, after meeting with the Muunilist Battlecruiser, are expected to jump the remaining way to Mygeeto to repel Imperial Remenant forces. Solo Fleet will be accompanying the battle cruisers for this engagement.

I Hope This Communication Reaches You
A Message to Elam Wren

The holovid message, dated one week ago, was recorded in the communications room of the Yavin IV Jedi Praxeum. C4-JA presses a few buttons then steps aside to reveal a well dressed, middle-aged, dark haired woman.

“There you go, ma’am. It is recording and broadcasting for you.”

“Su cuy’gar. Wooba soosa Neassa Wren and this message is for my ad, Elam. We have been attempting to contact you for months now. After speaking with your droid and reviewing the communication records here, it is my suspicion that these messages were intercepted by an outside group.”

The look on the woman’s face is stern and full of worry and stress. This is reflected in her voice as she continues to speak.

“Cuun yaim on Krownest was attacked by a clan of honorless Mandalorian mercenaries. We were able to hold them at bay…”

Her brief pause feels like a lifetime.

“A single one of these Hu’tuun came under werda and took kaysh. Your clan needs you. The request is simple. Bring your verdas… find and bring back my mesh’la ad… Jurk’adir and kyr’amur those fools. Return with the hu’tuun’s tal on gar beskargam. Re’turcye mhi.”

The transmission ends.

Declaration From Empress Teta
An Announcement Of Jedi Treachery

The holovid reads “Nobility Of Core World Detains Jedi Saboteurs”. Pictured is a well dressed woman in front of a capital building.

“We will not tolerate this type of action from the so-called emissaries of the New Republic. Twice in the last few months, we have captured these individuals on our planet without proper diplomatic credentials attempting to infiltrate one of our government buildings. They have attacked government personnel, destroyed government property and will be held here to stand trial for these actions, as the terrorists that they are!”, the woman states.

The holovid switches to images of three individuals in police custody. A male and female human and a large white furred Whiphid.

Cyrene journal part 9
The trip for Illum was a longer trip then the one to Brentaal. So, Cyrene decide to mess around with the equipment that she had bought for herself while on planet side beside her rifle since she did not want a ricochet to doing damage to the ship with a metal slug. The first piece of equipment she started messing with was her thermal cloak and found it was comfy to wear or use as a blanket.

As the journey went on Cyrene had messed with all her equipment baring the air rifle as that would either take out her eye or something in the ship. Cyrene also during this time did her normal meditation but was in her tent while she did as it other a sense of isolation from the cargo bay and the ship. Though the tent did not have its own bed Cyrene ended sleeping in it for the rest of the trip as she felt it was nice way to distant herself from her other friends.

Cyrene may have been still pissed about what K’kruhk had told her, but she did figure that she needed to be away as a safeguard. Cyrene did think on what K’kruhk but she did not believe she could be capable of what he had said as she was not strong in the force. Cyrene ended up shelving these thoughts as they did not help her or how she felt about him either which was bad too.

As they neared their destination Cyrene felt a mixture of relieve and uneasiness. Cyrene would be happy to get off the ship, but this was not a paradise it was an ice planet with a strong remnant presence. Cyrene hope that maybe this would not have to end in violence, but she knew that would not be true. Cyrene knew that they would run into other living beings and even with her new choice of armament it could kill even if it did not have the power of a lightsaber.

Cyrene was hoping she did not have to take a life even though she hated both K’kruhk and her former owner. Hated might have been a strong word for how she felt about K’kruhk but the same could not be said about how she felt about her owner. While she thought on the issue she wondered what she was going to do now considering K’krukh comments made her wary of other Jedi outside of her friends. Cyrene ended up shelving these thought as well to be able to sleep as they were near the planet and she knew that she needed her sleep.

Cyrene journal part 8

The trip from Ossus to Brentaal has not been a fun one for Cyrene. Too begin with Cyrene still had guilty from when she attacked Booh. Cyrene at first just try to stay in a more peaceful state but when she would think about it and she thought about her owner there when that idea.

Cyrene for most of the trip was mainly to herself either meditating or trying to read up on some lore. Cyrene for the time she was alone tired to think of the good times she had wither with friends or family. Though no matter how much she tired to not think about she would always find herself thinking on her attack on Booh and what she nearly did.

Cyrene then figured that she might as well talk to the Jedi master they picked surely, he could help her. This didn’t end well, instead of the help she sought from him she lost her saber and her pride was injured quiet badly. K’kruhk made it clear that she should never have been trained and she would not get her saber back until she acted like a true Jedi.

Cyrene was heart broken after her encounter with K’kruhk. After he had locked himself in the cockpit, Cyrene dusted herself off and walked off toward her bunk but not before doing a strange gesture with her Lekku’s she seem to make a stab motion with both of them. Cyrene then for what was left of the trip basically lived in her bunk. Cyrene for the second since joining the order found something else to hate not a good thing to develop a list like this. Though as the days when bye she seemed to calm down a little on the issue.

Though the real break for her came when they landed on the planet. Cyrene was happy that she could finely leave the small space of the ship and explore a bit. Cyrene had been informed that they had some spending money and Cyrene when about figuring out what she would get. Cyrene when back to the data pad on Illum and from there drew up a list of things she needed for that place.

Cyrene then went about asking the ship droid for direction to a few shops to know where to go as she had never been to this world before. The droid gave her the intel she needed so she headed off the ship but not before seeing K’kruhk. As she when bye Cyrene made the same gesture she had before with her Lekku’s and saying something in her native language as she when bye. Cyrene then walked off the ship and proceed to head out to directions given to her by the droid.

Though Cyrene first stop was not a critical one, as she when to a sweets shop and ate quite a bit made a bit of a scene too. Afterwards Cyrene casual strolled in a gun store and bought herself and air rifle too make sure she felt comfortable with it she went to the range in the back to test fire it. Though in that place you could not hear her rifle being fired she got quite a few stares in her from folks seeing a child by herself in a range. A few of the other customers approached her to see if she was lost or anything though she stayed calmed and explained that she was just out shopping, and her ship was not to far from here. As she was almost out of the door she bought some extra ammo just in case and asked for a sling to make it easy for her carry the rifle.

Cyrene then when over to a sport supply store to get a few more things. So, she went about getting a portable tent, a backpack in white and a thermal cloak in white as she knew her and cold weather not going to be easy. She then when to pay the rest of her supplies and then loaded them in her new backpack.

Cyrene then went back to the ship with her supplies and happily did not run into K’kruhk again. Cyrene then when to her bunk but was unable to sleep from the sugar rush she had from all those sweets she had eaten. Cyrene was up for most of the night and then was able to sleep in the small hours of the morning.

The second day for Cyrene was also nice as she left early in the morning to explore around. Cyrene had a reference point just in case she got lost the hanger where the ship was not to far from the gun shop. Cyrene after a few hours of wandering when to the sweets shop again and this time restrained herself but still ate quite a bit. Cyrene then ventured off to the to gun store again this time seeing the owner asked if she could use the range she payed a small fee and was once again shooting down range.

Cyrene found the experience as way to channel her anger and most recent loss and found for the time there she was calm. A few other the other customers notice her and saw how bad of a shot she was, so they showed her how to aim and fire with the weapon. Though they were strangers to her it made her happy to have others help her and almost forget about the incident with K’kruhk.

Cyrene then headed back to the ship but once she saw K’kruhk she really did not want to go back. She also noticed Tionne another student from the temple, but she really did not want to talk to her or be near K’kruhk. So, she turned around and began walking away from this, so she walked off. She walked for a way and found a nice restaurant and had a nice meal there. Cyrene then when back to the ship when it was late.

Message From Tionne

I have been informed that you have completed your mission on Ossus and are heading to Ilum to determine the whereabouts of Harlan and Madurrin. I urge you to take great care. If there is any truth to this Imperial project that is being conducted you may have your hands full.

I have been informed that I will be meeting you in order to pick up a passenger who will then accompany me to Empress Teta to help rescue Kam Solusar. From Yavin, it will take me 27.25 days to arrive. I will rendezvous with you at the main spaceport on Brentaal then. Safe travels and may The Force be with you.

Cyrene Journal part 7

Well Cyrene has had another interesting adventure on the Planet of Ossus. Cyrene has found out the hard way that her most painful memory must be dealt with soon or she might kill someone. Cyrene had the misfortune of this object of hatred to be used against her as her and her classmates where in a graveyard full of ships, Cyrene even with her strong mind could not resist the dark side that was in this place. Cyrene attacked Booh nearly killing her and nearly attacked the rest of her classmates not from a hatred for them but that she saw her old slave master everywhere.

Cyrene upon regaining her mind was at first silent for what she had done as she could not believe what she had done. Cyrene then apologized to the others for what she had done but she could not forget what she had done. Cyrene tried to run away from the group not from a sort of anger but fear that she might do this again. Cyrene attempted runaway was good and bad in its way.

Cyrene found out she was not great at sneaking or trying to disguise herself. Cyrene also found out what was guarding the Crystal cave it was an old Whipid Jedi master and he was not happy. Cyrene ended up in the Crystal cave but in a cage not a pleasant reminder of her old life. Cyrene was happy to see her classmates again and they stood up for her and got the Whipid name of Crook to release her. Cyrene was safe for awhile till the group got into a fight with are host from the village as he was also dark side but wanted us to kill Crook.

The fight was bloody, and several were injured badly but not dead. Cyrene ended up joining in the fight and causing a small cave-in which lead to the death of the foe. Cyrene was happy that her friend’s words helped as the cave in got the foe but was about to crash her as well till Crook held up the stone keeping her from harm.

After the fight Cyrene when to explore the cave as she heard a call from one of the crystals. Cyrene when to grab the crystal and it came out of the wall with out any effort. The rest of her classmates all got a crystal, but she ended up with a very rare crystal it was Called Pontite and it felt cool to the touch but also had a calming aura to it. Cyrene figured in the back of her mind this was a way that the force was trying to help with her dark side problem.

Though Cyrene now had this crystal to help with her problems she decides that she would need to work on her abilities of not being seen just in case she got worse. So, she worked on using the force to help her sneak and in general to try and blend in with the crowd. Cyrene also fashion a bracelet with some spar leather straps to put the crystal on as her saber worked for the moment.

The Fate Of Dal Konur

After being apprehended by Kyle Katarn and the new Jedi class, Dal was taken to Yavin IV to speak to Grand Master Skywalker. A few days after the fact, he was escorted by Republic forces onto a prison shuttle.

It was later explained to the students that Dal had chosen to leave the order and requested to be sentenced by the Republic for his crimes. After being found guilty of conspiracy against the Alliance, breaking and entering, obtaining false credentials, and arms smuggling he was sent to a prison planet where he would stay until he had atoned for his crimes.


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