Cyrene Dura

Twi'lek, Consular, Niman Disciple



  • Brawn 3
  • Agility 2
  • Intelligence 2
  • Cunning 2
  • Willpower 3
  • Presence 3

Total exp: 475
available exp: 25

Soak 5
Wounds 15/15
Strain 17/17

Athletics 1
Charm 2
Coordination 1
Discipline 5
Negotiation 2
Perception 1
Resilience 1
Lore 1
Mechanics 1

Combat skills
Brawl 2
Lightsaber 3
Range heavy 1


Lightsaber. damage: 5, critical: 2, range: engaged, encumbrance: 1,
HP:3 remaining, Breach 1, Sunder

Inferior (1): A check using this weapon automatically generates one threat on all checks related to it’s use and it’s base damage is decreased by 1 (factored in).

Misaligned Emitter: The lightsaber requires a maneuver to ignite rather than an incidental, it can still be powered down as an incidental.

Erratic: Once per encounter, the GM can spend Dispair from any combat check with the saber to have energies ripple out, damaging the hilt and shocking the wielder (3 Strain).

Can add force dice to damage roll for this weapon

Green robe armor plus 2 soak
Family necklace,
Thermal cloak (white)
backpack (white)
Extra reloads *2
Macro binoculars
extra rations
portable survival tent
utility belt
emergency med kit

Force rating: 2

Force abilities

Enhance, Basic power, (Control Resilience check, Control Brawl check, Control commit to increase Brawn by 1, Control coordination check)
Sense (Basic power)
Move (Basic power, Strength upgrade 1, Range upgrade 1, Control upgrade can do damage with move, Control upgrade fine manipulation, Control upgrade can pull secure objects or weapons out of an opponents grasp)

Foresee (basic power)
Misdirect ( Basic power)

Farsight (Basic power, Control 1 spend to see microscopic details of a single object within engage range)

Seek (Basic power, Magnitude 1, spend to gain one additional detail per magnitude upgrade purchased)

Species Twi’lek
Gender Female
Age 9
Height 1.2m
Build Slim
Skin Green
Eyes Green

Emotional Strength Empathy
Emotional Weakness Vengeance

Dark side user
the character generates Force points using Dark side results
the characters presence in the group alters the starting Destiny point pool
The character’s strain threshold may decrease and wound threshold may increase
If the character tries to use light side then flip a destiny point and suffer strain equal to the number of Force points generated

insight (Perception and Discipline become Career skills)
Uncanny senses (add boost per rank of uncanny senses to all perception checks)
Toughned ( gain + 2 wounds threshold)
Parry 1 (when hit by a melee attack suffer 3 strain to reduce damage by 2 plus ranks in parry)
Reflect 1( when hit by a ranged attack Suffer 3 strain to reduce damage by 2 plus ranks in reflect)
Nobody’s fool ( may upgrade difficulty of incoming charm, coercion or deception checks once per rank of nobody’s Fool)
Grit 3 ( gain + 1 strain threshold)
indistinguishable 1(upgrade the difficulties checks to identify character once per rank of Indistinguishable)
Sleight of mind 1(add boost to all stealth checks unless the opposition is immune to force powers)
Touch of fate ( add 2 boost to one check once a game)
Increase force rating by 1
Niman Technique ( when making a lightsaber skill check. the character may use Willpower instead of Brawn.)


Cyrene is an ex slave from the outer rim. She was born into a live of servitude and has known very little happiness in her life. She was exposed to manual labor for most of her life either working in the quarry or housework.

Cyrene did have a family, her mother Seela Dura and her Father Cotan Dura. Though she remembers little of her mother since she was taken and sold to another owner when she was very little. Cotan was a good father too Cyrene teaching her how to live in her situation. One of the first lesson that Cotan taught his daughter was too listen to both her surroundings and orders of the owner. Cotan would often try to protect his daughter from the worst abuses of the owners but was not able to always do so. Cyrene was tall for her age and had trouble hiding when she was in trouble to the point she would just admit to whatever it was and take the punishment.

As Cyrene grew older her father caught a wasting sickness and she began doing his work on top of her own. Though normally she would not be able to do the work of two she was able to do so as she was begin to tap into something that allowed her to stay strong and push through the work. Cyrene in her predicament begin to notice that she took some pride out of being able to help others and often could get more food for her father as she would do other workloads on top of her own. She also begin to feel like there was a sense of normalcy to her life and that maybe it would work out.

One day though Cyrene world would be shattered. On this day she had done the workload of a few other slave and was tired but notice father was awake and seemed happy so she went over and asked why and said it was a card from Seela. Cyrene remember little of her mother but it was a nice gift and something precious to her and her father. This happy moment was shattered when the owner barged into home and depended to know why Cotan had not done his work today. Cyrene respond that he was unwell and she had done his work, the owner looked at her at anger and said no that is not option.

Cyrene had never seen her owner this mad before and as he looked at both of them he pulled his pistol and demand that Cotan go outside and do his job or he would beat both of them. Cotan attempt to walk outside but he was too weak to do so and tripped and threw up on the owners boot. Before Cyrene could react a blaster bolt bore a hole through her father’s skull and exploded into the floor. The owner looked at her and said clean up this mess and see you in 15 mins you have more work to do. Cyrene snapped at seeing the death of her father and charged into the owner swing and managed to land several blows before she was shot point blank with the pistol.

Cyrene awoke several hours later in a holding cell her wound had healed some but it still hurt but she knew where she was. Cyrene was in the Box, it was a small room dug into the ground used for those who disobeyed the owner but where too valuable to kill. Cyrene mind was a blaze with rage and sorrow as she understood what happen to her.

Cyrene was in the box a long time before she was finally released by the owner. When she when back to her home the other slaves were there and they explained to her she has been in there for several days. They explained to her that they had buried her father and that they found a card from her mother. Cyrene open the card again but this time a credit chit sild out much to her surprise.

Cyrene decided that this was her chance to run and thanked the others for being there and giving her father a burial. Cyrene still had pain from the wound but it was closed and if she wanted to escape she need to bury the pain if she was to run away. Before she ran she gave all that was her fathers to the other slaves save the credit chit and a family necklace with a worn picture of her two parents. In the dead of night she ran for it, she ran faster than she could remember tapping into that energy source and not stopping till she was truly exhausted.

Cyrene ended up in the port city on the world. Cyrene was able to blend in with the crowd and found a doctor to patch her up. She offered to pay with the chit but the doctor declined and said I hope you can make it somewhere save little one. Cyrene passed out in the office and awoke on a cot near the doctor offices.

Cyrene awoke to the doctor telling her that she must leave and there where men looking for her. Cyrene in a panic ran as fast as she could to the space port only to see the owner and his local buddies armored to the teeth in the area. Cyrene could not think what to do now and ran back to the doctor office. The doctor was not happy but understood she was terrified and offered her safe harbor till the storm cleared.

Cyrene spend several weeks at the doctor office and ended up being assistant of sorts to the good doctor. The Doctor whose name was Galen, seemed to enjoy this girl as an assistant even if she had no skill with medicine. Galen started to notice the strange things that Cyrene could do and thought she might be force sensitive.

Galen was a bit a miss as to what to do with Cyrene as with her age she was too young to look after herself and there was still a chance that her owner was looking for her. Galen decide that he need to leave the planet and bring Cyrene with him. Galen was not made of money so he ended up buying two tickets off world in an old worn transport.

The journey was not easy as it was cramp vessel and it was over crowed. Cyrene had no idea where she was going but Galen did though it was not his first choice he had booked passage to the smugglers moon or more commonly known as Nar Shadda. Galen had been here before as doctor treating the sick but also worked for the alliance and still had some contacts there.
Cyrene was surprised when she saw the world as she was used to more remote locations and this moon was giant city. Cyrene was full of wonder in this environment as everything was new but Galen told her to stay close as this place was not as it seemed and not to stray. Cyrene obeyed and stayed close to Galen, Cyrene was not use too crowd this large and got separated from Galen.

Cyrene having no knowledge of this world tried to find Galen but could not find him. Cyrene in her panic tapped into the energy to give herself a boast this time felt a little strange but she took off like a shot in the direction that she came from. This time she ended up dodging folks left and right as this ability in tight quarters was not the best idea. Cyrene continued to use her ability to run in tight streets. When she noticed one the streets she had been on with Galen she turned hard right but did not notice a robed figure walking down that street.

Cyrene ran headlong into the robed person, Cyrene noticed it was a human male and said sorry as she offered them her hand. She helped them up before she looked around gather her bearings and said to the man sorry but I am looking for someone and I have go now. Cyrene took off again before the man said anything tapping into her ability this time it felt normal to her and she took off again.

Cyrene ended up running for several blocks before she found Galen. Cyrene walked over to him and said sorry I got lost before she said anything else Galen hugged her and said its okay you’re here now let’s go inside. Galen took her into a small apartment building and got her something to eat as she looked like she had run a marathon. Once she had calmed down Galen mention that he had talked to one of his contacts and that sometime today an individual would be talking to her.

Cyrene did not understand and asked if she had done something wrong. Galen explained to her that he had noticed her doing things that a young girl like her could not normally do as in run very fast and haul heavy object with little to no trouble. Galen said to Cyrene I think your force sensitive but I am not trained in this therefore why you be speaking with someone who does.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door and Galen when to get it was the same man that Cyrene had run into earlier. The man introduced Himself as Master Katarn and was here to see if she was force sensitive but mentioning the account from earlier could tell that she was. Cyrene asked what does that Mean he explained that she had a chance at a new life and to learn how to control her ability to help people.

Cyrene asked if she could talk to Galen for a bit, when they were alone she thanked Galen for the chance of a new life and being kind to her. She hugged Galen and then took with her things and left with the master in toe to begin her new life.

Cyrene Dura

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