Training Regime

“A Jedi’s training in the Force never ends.” – Vodo-Siosk Baas

Official training will be conducted as part of a group under the supervision of Knight level instructors and/or a Master.


The training is meant to test and hone both your mind and body. The academy grounds have:

• A hiking trail
• A meditation field
• An obstacle course
• Dueling Rings
• Med Bay
• Library

You will engage in several activities where you may be required to compete against one another but the training is not to determine who is superior but to help the improvement of all students. Should your training progress, you may be assigned to an official apprenticeship as a Padawan and eventually even face the Jedi Trials to become a Knight in the New Jedi Order.

Additional training and study is not required but is certainly encouraged. The first few weeks of training will be a change for most of you but once you gain your footing you will have access to the training grounds after hours.

Training Regime

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