Jedi Academy - A Star Wars Force & Destiny RPG

Cyrene journal part 2

When Cyrene head too bed after her evening meal she was still excited after the day she had. Cyrene felt happy that she could vent her anger in a meaningful way and that it also was fun. She also enjoys the sparing session she had with Dasvee and was happy it did not end as bad as her other classmate when they sparred Elam in the ring.

Cyrene over the week to come had a mixture of good days and bad days. Cyrene though she still was in the mindset of doing whatever she was told. She would attempt to work on her force abilities during her free time when the instructors remind her this was her time in which she could do other things. Cyrene during these times attempted to tap in the force to see if she could augment herself.

Though this was the ability that she had discovered when she was young she had never really experimented with it. it was not easy for her since she did not have an idea what she was doing exactly with it. Cyrene then decide she wanted to use the ability to help when she used her fist in combat as she had felt joy and a sense of peace in the sparring match with Kyp Durron.

It took Cyrene several days of trial and error to achieve the goal she set for herself. As she worked on this ability even during bed time to the annoyance of her roommate. Partly the reason she was so focused on doing this was that the instructor would leave reading material for the students. Cyrene though she would do any task she was told to do as part of her conditioning the one she thing she really could not do was read or write really.

Cyrene ended up having a few sparring sessions during the week with Kyp. Though she did not tell him why she needed to vent it was the only way she knew to constructive deal with her anger for the moment and put it to use. Cyrene used these sessions to work on her hand to hand since she enjoys using her fists in the sparring matches she had with Kyp.



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