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Cyrene last journal entry, maybe

Cyrene has managed to get herself into even a worse fate then last time and might cost her the order and possible prison. Cyrene in no small terms has manage to land herself in a maximum-security cell quite an achievement for a nine-year-old. If that was not enough of a display out of control rage she has pretty much got herself stuck in almost a coma like state.

Cyrene emotions in these few hours have been all over the place from utter hatred to apathy. Cyrene has shown the group just how violent she can without any weapon besides hers fist and her force abilities. Cyrene might have told the grand master she would stay on the ship as the others went to the planet. However, once Cyrene realized that her owner was close she had a brief internal struggle on what to do but her hatred won out.

This proceed to lead to a very violent event, though Durak or her old slave owner has been an evil man what she did is pretty messed up regardless her motivations. Cyrene in her mood managed to broad the nearly by ship and then proceeded to sneak into a very heavy secure area of the ship where she was not allowed. Though her emotions at the time was simple she was driven by her rage and not even her training was going to hold it back.

Cyrene then managed to steal a guard key so that she could get to the room were her old owner was. Once again, she was mainly focused on her rage but also was surprised she could manage it as well. The real icing on the cake in this case was when she got into his room and her raw fury took complete control. Cyrene enter the room with fist blazing and struck her old owner and smash him so hard that his eyes rolled in the back of his head from the punch. Cyrene feelings at that moment were a mixture or rage and pleasure as she was returning his pain that he had put on her all her life, but she wanted him to suffer.

As Cyrene was attacking Durak and he reeled from the punch she checked with the force to see if he was dead or not she sensed a pulse. Cyrene tried at that moment to see if she could regain control but once more rage was in charge and she still could not let the memory go he needed to die. The next punch instead of landing on him smashed her classmate Booh in the face. Cyrene felt at this moment even more rage and sadness she only wanted to kill Durak, but she could not stop herself. Cyrene then felt a shock through her side as the guards in this place where now reacting to what she was doing and slammed a shock prod onto her. Booh when out like a light but Cyrene almost did not feel them from her current frenzy state. Cyrene once more fought for control but lost to rage again and she figured to achieve her revenge she need to attack the guards.

Cyrene was gearing herself to tackle one of the guards, but she felt the force being used against her she tried to resist but it was the grand-master, so she lost the fight and was knocked out. Cyrene came to in heavy restraints and an energy box she was not going anywhere. The grand-master came in and he seem disappointed and they a short chat but once he mentions that she was to be judged by the masters on Yavin it got even worse for her. What she was feeling after waking up from her assault she was completely apathetic towards what he was saying but once she heard she might end like Dal panic set in.

What proceed once the grand-master had left was her in a panic of her trying to break free which she could not do. She tried hard to break her restrains but could not and made enough of a noise the guard came in and injected a heavy stim into her, but it did nothing. Cyrene mind was a blaze with what little she could do if she was kicked none of these were pleasant. Cyrene concluded that to avoid the fate she had made for herself was to die and she convinced the guard to give her a very heavy dosage of the stim, but she did not die instead she is stuck in a state of being aware and unable to do anything. Cyrene now feels like she is coming apart and the words of K’kruhk seem almost prophetic at this point.

Even now she can feel the rage it is barely below the surface of her being. Cyrene does not want to admit that she barely is in control or that her rage is controlling her. The only thing she can think to do now is somehow talk or confront her own rage she will try to go into a deep meditation and see if she can regain herself or lose herself to rage that is now threating to consume her.



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